Social Marketing Display
for any Screen

Easily schedule videos, images and social media onto your screens. Showcase monthly specials, new menu items, or even upcoming events.

What is Mevato Social Marketing Display?


Mevato makes managing the content on your screen easy. With real-time social media integration powered by your customers, Mevato is tailored just for you. Connect Mevato to any display to show live social walls, images, videos, waitlists, and much more.

Improve Customer Experience


Mevato’s growing number of exclusive apps unlock real-time social media, blog feeds, local weather conditions, and stunning entertainment on any Screen.

How does it help me?

Mevato displays encourage your customers to interact with your brand’s social media. You will see all customer interactions appear on your Mevato Display in real-time. This means when a customer posts to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or checks in with Foursquare, you see it within seconds. You can also chose to show top reviews from Yelp.

Expand social media presence
Improve customer experience
Display your own promotions
Learn about your customers

“Social media creates trust, and people buy from brands they trust.”


Mevato’s Dashboard

Easily manage your apps and customize settings for any number of displays directly from your online dashboard. All of your content is saved on the Mevato’s cloud and updated to your display in real-time.

Content Scheduling

You have full control over the frequency of app run-time. The graphics app allows you to set specific images to appear on certain days and venues.

Post Filtering

Mevato’s software comes equipped with a built-in profanity guard at three different levels.

Control on-the-go

Download our mobile app for iOS or Android and login to your account. You can favorite social posts, filter them, ban users, and much more.

What’s Included?

  • Unlimited Apps
  • Unlimited User Logins
  • Support Center
  • Email Support
  • Social Data Export
  • Network Monitoring