Marketing Display +
Social WIFI +
for Restaurants

Easily schedule graphics and videos to play in specific locations. Showcase monthly specials, new menu items, or even upcoming events.

Social WIFI for Restaurants

Capture their attention from the moment they walk in the door with your very own branded Social Wifi login page. And their attention isn’t all you’ll be capturing, as you’ll be collecting valuable email addresses and phone numbers every time someone logs in. Building your email database is crucial for future marketing efforts such as follow-ups and reviews.


Social Marketing Display for Restaurants

Social Media Marketing is the fuel for your Marketing Strategy, but what about the engine? Engage viewers and communicate more efficiently and effectively with digital signage. Simply connect one Mevato device to each HD display you plan on using, and we’ll configure content and settings using our web dashboard. Everything from real-time social media posts, to custom photos and videos. Take a look for yourself!


Music for Restaurants

With merely 100 hand-crafted channels created specifically for your restaurant, and all licensing managed in one place, your food now has a sound to compliment it’s taste. Introduce sound to your brand, and set the mood! No commercials and easy installation make adding sound to your brand a streamlined process.

  • Engage your customers
  • Grow your email list 3x faster